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CASTING CALL - VAULT Festival 2020

The Fourth Country by Kate Reid

Directed by Gabriella Bird

Performances: 11th-16th February at London’s VAULT Festival 2020.

Stormont is closed, Bloody Sunday soldiers are being put on trial, abortions are kind-of legal and Brexit is probably causing problems. However life goes on in Northern Ireland and ordinary people like Shona, Anna, Conor, Niamh and Melanie have jobs to do, and Kate has a story to tell.

From Plain Heroines’ writer-director duo Kate Reid and Gabriella Bird (Three Days’ Time, January, Enropy), THE 4th COUNTRY is a new play about contemporary Northern Ireland.

We are searching for 2 Northern Irish actors to join our ensemble cast.

Production details:

Thursday 23rd January: Read through

27th - 9th January: Rehearsals

Tuesday, 11 February: 08:40 - 12:40 - Tech

Tuesday 11th Feb - Sunday 16th Feb - Performances at 18:00 with additional matinee at 15:00 on the 16th.

We will be flexible around other work and commitments. Please let us know when applying.



Female, Northern Irish, playing age 20-28

Melanie is the young, enthusiastic new intern in the Department of Health. A seemingly a quiet person, but bold when tested. She deflects difficult situations using humour. Happily married, and hoping to have a child soon. Fiercely loyal to her older brother Conor, but intensely dislikes his fiancee. 

**Due to the nature of the script, we are looking for a Northern Irish actor for this role.**


Male, Northern Irish, playing age 25-30

Conor is a a fundamentally kind man who has difficulty expressing his emotions. He is engaged to an English woman, who he struggles to have an honest relationship with and is deeply protective of his younger sister Niamh, having survived a tumultuous upbringing with an alcoholic father together.

**Due to the nature of the script we are looking for Northern Irish actors for this role.**

If you would like to be considered for one of these roles and fit the description please apply. Must be 18+.

Please include spotlight link (or CV and Headshot)

Send to with Subject: VAULT Festival Casting 2020

London based actors only please. Auditions / Meetings to be arranged.

Profit-share only.

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